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Screams from December 20, 2020

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Want to find your own scream? Text LIST to +1-561-567-8431 to get a list of your recordings.

β–Ά Scream #08067 23:58 UTC 6s πŸ”—
β–Ά Scream #08066 17:34 UTC 2s πŸ”—
β–Ά Scream #08065 15:23 UTC 3s πŸ”—
β–Ά Scream #08064 14:42 UTC 13s πŸ”—
β–Ά Scream #08063 12:45 UTC 3s πŸ”—
β–Ά Scream #08062 10:06 UTC 17s πŸ”—
β–Ά Scream #08061 6:05 UTC 8s πŸ”—
β–Ά Scream #08059 2:49 UTC 12s πŸ”—
β–Ά Scream #08058 2:37 UTC 4s πŸ”—

What’s the deal?

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So can I call and scream right now?

No, it’s after January 21, 2021. We are done recording new screams for now. We are seeking a new owner or operator that can continue to operate the phone line.

What about my privacy?

Read the Privacy Policy for more details.

Why should I call you?

To scream! You might be unhappy, terrified, frustrated, or elated. All of these are perfectly good reasons to call and record yourself screaming.

Can I do this in public?

Please do this in public. Except not, perhaps, in a crowded theater.

Who made this?

A teacher, occasional artist, and generally rather quiet person named Chris Gollmar.

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How can I support this project?

To help cover our costs, you can chip in a few dollars. Visit ko-fi.com/gollmar

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