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Between October 2020 and January 2021, callers from around the world left over 150,000 recordings.

Step 2


People screamed with joy, rage, frustration, loneliness, and everything else there is to scream about.

What’s the deal?

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So can I call and scream right now?

The original Just Scream project closed on January 21, 2021. New ways to scream are coming soon!

What about my privacy?

We can see your phone number when you call but will never share it with anyone. Read the Privacy Policy for more details.

Why should I call you?

To scream! You might be unhappy, terrified, frustrated, or elated. All of these are perfectly good reasons to call and record yourself screaming.

Can I do this in public?

Please do this in public. Except not, perhaps, in a crowded theater.

Find Your Own Screams

Email [email protected] with your phone number to get a list of your own screams.

Who made this?

A teacher, occasional artist, and generally rather quiet person named Chris Gollmar.

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